Conservative Republican Participation

by Morton C. Blackwell

December 17th


All – I commend to you this very important piece by one of the most important conservatives in the country. One thing I’ve always admired about Morton is that he is an unimpeachable movement conservative who at the same time remains an amazingly effective Republican Party official. Morton’s observations, advice, and counsel for Republicans are absolutely spot-on.  -Krempasky

Events of the past year should persuade every serious conservative that the Republican Party is the only practical party vehicle for us.

For a year now, we have seen how much damage the left would do to America if they get their way.

We should have no doubt now as to the disasters the left would create if conservatives, angry with terrible mistakes of many Republican politicians, say, “I hate the Republicans. Let the leftist Democrats win and take all power in the country for awhile. So what?”

We know what the leftists want if they obtain all power. They are statists as ambitious for total power as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Without effective opposition, they would go as far as Hugo Chavez wants to go.

They are on the brink of destroying the system of checks and balances and separation of powers so wisely established by America’s founding fathers.

Their agenda would ruin our country for the foreseeable future, surely beyond our ability to recover in our lifetimes.

Now is not the time for us to take our marbles and go home.  Read the rest of the article here.


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