Call to Activism (twitter)

2009 September 6

by amerikeith

Thanks for reading. I’ve been thinking about our current state of organization. Glenn Beck has been talking about “Speaking the truth, Speaking boldy, and without fear. With ONE loud voice.” We all want to be able to do our part in taking our country back. One simple way is to use the amazing tools in front of us. I believe if we can formulate an immediate response with a large number of people, we can help bring these frauds and hidden agendas to the surface. When Glenn or anyone for that matter exposes something, we need to act swiftly and exactly with boldness! Twitter is an easy, yet powerful vehicle to carry our message!

UPDATE: Van Jones resigned? The outrage is being heard!

My proposal for a current issue: Czars

#FIRECzars  #FIRECassSunstein #FIREMarkLloyd ETC.

The Plan:

Contact everyone you can by direct message ONLY, let them know the call to action is for Monday. I thought Labor Day would be a good day to request a firing. Let your friends and followers know to send this message, all of us at the same time.

TIME: 4pm est 9/7/09

—-> @whitehouse FIRE! Czars FIRE! Mark Lloyd ~ FIRE! Cass Sunstein <—-

NO threats! NO insults! One message, one time to the White House. Just simple, right to the point. How many people can we get involved and how quickly can we act?

We have the right to express our dissent towards the people chosen to work on our behalf. We should not be afraid to voice our opinion!

Thomas Jefferson said – “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

After the initial message, we should continue with posting messages and links with facts supporting our case and why we demand to have these radical czars such as Mark Lloyd and Cass Sunstein removed.  Always use the hashtags #FIRECzars, #FIRESunstein, #FIREMarkLloyd  ETC. with them. Get it trending. Maybe even include @foxnews, @glennbeck, @becktips, @cnnireport, or @ anyone else you can think of in the media that may pick up interest in the movement and talk about it. I believe this could help put pressure on the issue being addressed. The GOP are ratcheting up their rhetoric as well.


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